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Three In One Car Charger – Charge Your Devices In Your Car!

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The next time you are taking a road trip with your entire family, not everyone would have to carry their phone chargers. Not even you! Because the three in one car charger coil cable adapter will take care of all your charging needs. This adapter works well with all kinds of smartphones, including iPhone, Android or types C. Its coiled cable design makes the size flexible and saves space at the same time. It is three-in-one because it can be used as an eight pin plug, a 30 pin plug, and a Micro USB Plug.

All you need to do is plug it into the car’s cigarette lighter. And you would be good to go. You would never have to worry about carrying your charger, ever again!


  • Compatible with all smartphones of the new age
  • Small and lightweight for convenient storage, easy to use
  • Charges your phone while you are driving
  • Coiled cable design saves space and does not get entangled


  • Color: White