Adjustable Shoe Rack 2Pack
Adjustable Shoe Rack 2Pack

Adjustable Shoe Rack 2Pack

Color: Grey

If you’re running late for work because you can’t find your other high heel or you’re just sick and tired of tripping over shoe boxes in your closet, a simple solution for fast, efficient organization is just a click away.

Meet Adjustable Shoe Rack, the ingenious shoe rack that is guaranteed to double the space in your closet.

Other shoe racks take up more room than they should and shoe pockets can’t accommodate boots or high heels.

Lightweight and adjustable, Adjustable Shoe Rack can hold shoes of all sizes. You’ll feel instant relief knowing your personal space is de-cluttered, and you can get dressed quickly without having to dig through piles of shoes!

ShoeMaster is an Ideal Choice For EVERYONE

Hassle Free Organization
The small size and unique stacking design makes Adjustable Shoe Rack user friendly for children and adults. As well, 4 adjustment levels ensures a custom fit and strong hold for any size/type of shoe- even high heels!

Free Up Space
Adjustable Shoe Rack allows you to stack shoes instead of laying them side by side, and you can finally get rid of those bulky shoe boxes that take up way too much room. Now, you have tons of empty space to store other items!

Fresh & Clean
Adjustable Shoe Rack is made from plastic and features holes that promote air circulation through shoes. It doesn’t hold odors like fabric shoe pockets or closed up boxes, keeping shoes pristine and your closet fresh.

NO MORE Stress
Lightweight and adjustable, the possibilities are endless when it comes to how you want to set up your storage system. With Adjustable Shoe Rack you know exactly where your shoes are at all times and your closet is FINALLY organized!

Functional Design That Boosts Storage Capacity By 100%

Baskets or boxes are the go to methods for storing shoes, eating up precious closet space and making it difficult to find a pair of shoes quickly, and with ease.

Adjustable Shoe Rack is small and sleek, with a no-slip grip surface that allows you to stack a pair of shoes. They are held securely in place, so you don’t have to worry about knocking over a bunch of shoes when you’re rummaging around in the closet.

Better yet, you can choose from 4 adjustment levels for custom sizing that holds any type of shoe. It works for children, women and men's shoes, no matter the size.

It’s an organization system that sticks when you want to store your kicks! You’ll be amazed by the amount of extra space saved from using Adjustable Shoe Rack. Plus, your footwear is readily accessible- just grab and go!

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