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Slim Arm Wraps – Get Slimmer with Arm Trimmer

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Want to lose the extra weight on your arms but don't want to do the extra work? Well here it is, slim arm wrap to help you to lose that extra weight. It comes with two arm wraps that help shed excess water weight and fight cellulite. You can wear these wraps while working out, running or for your morning walks. You can also wear these wraps while doing simple household work that includes some little exercise of your arms. Made from nylon, these wraps are heat resistant and fits perfectly to anyone. The slimming wrap comes in one size. The fabric is non-slippery. The grip of the material is excellent.

As we know, detoxification of our body is essential, and this product helps in detoxification of the lymphatic system. These wraps are black and go with everything. You can wear it under your full sleeves tops and sweaters. It is very comfortable and offers a soft material against your skin.


  • Made with a very comfortable nylon material
  • Promotes detoxification of the lymphatic system
  • Includes two compression arm wraps
  • The dual stitching available in the wraps helps in massaging the arms


  • Material: Nylon clothing
  • Pack Contains: Two arm wraps