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Astronomical Refractor Telescope

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Explore and observe the space in crystal clear view with Astronomical Refractoelescope. The device is equipped with fully multi-coated optic glass lens and with low, medium, high magnification eyepieces. This device is not only great for deep space observation but also ideal for detecting details in faint distant galaxies.

Technical Specifications: 

Opening: 50mm
Focal length: 400mm
Maximum magnification: 90X
Eyepiece: H6mm, H20mm
Tripod height: up to 38cm

Package Includes:

1 x Telescope Main Tube
2 x Eyepiece
1 x 90-degree Zenith Mirror 
1 x Tripod
1 x Erect Eyepiece

      From the manufacturer

      Telescope Optical Tube

      Integral forming aluminum ally telescope optical tube.

      Tube Ring

      Mounting Knob & Safety Screw in the dovetail bracket.

      Optical Coating

      Featuring coated antireflection blue film components, Cskyer 90mm refractor telescope provides clean, crisp views.

      High Power Eyepieces

      Using the high power eyepiece, perfect for observing the Moon and planets or bringing distant wildlife in close for detailed views.

      High Power Telescope

      Professional high-power astronomical mirror telescope.

      Optical Tube Design

      90 Millimeter (3.5 inch) aperture refracting telescope.

      Focal length 600 Millimeter and ratio f/6.6.


      Come with one full size stretchable tripod made of stainless steel.