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Austrian Crystals Round Moon River Jewelry Set - Ear Rings, Pendant & Necklace in a Fashionable Set

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Shine like a princess with our Austrian crystals round moon jewelry set! Our Austrian crystal round moon river set is made out of the most beautiful craftsmanship,the shape and look of this set are astonishing and looks simple but stunning. It doesn't have any sharp edges so it won’t scratch your skin,this makes our jewelry set harmless and comfortable to wear.

The necklace set contains Austrian crystals which are entirely precious and highly perfect. The gems in this pendant are about 5mm in size and are surrounded by a double layer of luminous clear crystals for an elegant finish. Who says no to elegance, just order it now!


  • A pair of earrings and necklace
  • Made up of beautiful Austrian crystals
  • Matches ocean blue crystal charm pendant
  • Will become the best gift for your loved ones
  • Gives a stunning and astonishing look


  • Size of the crystal: 5mm