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Handheld Double Sided Shower Head - For An Amazing Shower Experience

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Change the way you have your showers and get a shower that massages you in the process. With the hand-held double sided shower head, you would not want to leave the bathroom. The shower head comes with three types of water spray.

You get the opportunity to feel the beauty of the salon. The shower also allows you to have a super cool shower. You will be spoilt for choice on what to use.

The shower head can help in eliminating fatigue and rejuvenating skin. You can now leave your shower feel fresh and relaxed. It is a feeling like no other. You will always look forward to getting your shower.

The shower gives you a bathing experience like no other. Give your bathroom an elegant look with this pressure boosting double sided shower. You can even save on water thanks to this amazing shower. Have no worries when you go to take the shower and just relax.


  • 3 types of shower modes; jetting, massage and rainfall
  • Easy to install and has a solid build
  • Soap chamber to fill soap, essential oil or shampoo
  • Adjust water speed allows for saving water
  • It purifies water so that you stay healthy


  • Material: ABS engineering plastics
  • Colors: Silver plated 
  • Dimension: 24.7cmx9.1cm 
  • Mouth Size: Standard 4 points (G1/2)