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Brush Drying Organizer – Professionally Dry Up Your Makeup Brushes

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As hard as it is to find the right make-up brushes for the right purposes, it is just as hard to maintain and look after them. Makeup brushes need to be cleaned at regular intervals and should be allowed to dry the proper way to not mess up the brush density and quality. The professional brush drying organizer is an optimum solution for the same. It has got holes of different sizes to hold make-up brushes of all possible sizes after they have been washed.

Not only it eliminates clutter but also accelerates the process of drying and preserves the original quality of the makeup brushes. Moreover, it has a collapsible design, that means. when not in use it can be dissembled and stored easily. It can be also used to dry nail art brushes.


  • Accelerates the process of drying brushes after they have been cleaned
  • Makes the process clutter-free
  • It has a hole of different sizes for all kinds of make-up brushes
  • Features a collapsible design and hence is easy to store, when not in use
  • Made of extremely durable material


  • Available Colors: Blue-Yellow / Black-Red