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Bubble Pet Carrier Travel Backpack

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  • Transparent Space Capsule Design: allows your pet to ease anxiety and to look around outside.
  • Large ventilation holes and breathable mesh keeping your pet fresh.
  • Built-in locking Belt: prevents your pet from breaking out of the securely enclosed space. 
  • Sturdy and waterproof Material: high-density acrylic material.
  • Side pocket: Allows you to interact with a pet without letting them out.
  • A washable soft velvet pad: allows your pet stays comfortable.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps: help relieve the pressure to your back and make the carrier a breeze to wear for long periods.


    Dimension (cm): 31 L x 28 W x 42 H 
    Carrier Weight:1.2kg
    Weight Capacity: pack up to a 6kg cat.
    Capacity: 25L