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Rain Shade for Car Rear View Mirror – Enjoy a Seamless View and Drive Safe!

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When it rains, the rear view mirror often gets blurred which leads to an unclear view of the backside and hence it is not completely safe to drive. Here is a great solution to this problem. The car rear view mirror rain shade prevents any smog to settle on the mirror. This leads to a clear view even on rainy days. Hence, you can drive safely. The rain shade is self-adhesive and can easily be attached on top of the rear view mirror.

The rain shade is made of durable PVC and is flexible. This allows it to easily settle on the curves and bumps. Install this and enjoy a safe drive on rainy days!


  • Made of PVC and is highly durable
  • Protects your car's rear view mirror from the rain and does not allow any smog to settle, providing you a clear view
  • Self-adhesive and hence, easy to load
  • Experience safe driving as you get a better and clear view of the back even if it is raining
  • Flexible materials allow it to easily settle on curves and bumps


  • Material: PVC
  • Dimensions: 182 x 60 mm