Custom Free Engrave Text Music Box
Custom Free Engrave Text Music Box
Custom Free Engrave Text Music Box
Custom Free Engrave Text Music Box
Custom Free Engrave Text Music Box
Custom Free Engrave Text Music Box
Custom Free Engrave Text Music Box
Custom Free Engrave Text Music Box
Custom Free Engrave Text Music Box
Custom Free Engrave Text Music Box
Custom Free Engrave Text Music Box

Custom Free Engrave Text Music Box

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Type: Little Train
Little Train
Eiffel Tower
Merry Go Round
Ferris Wheel
Dancing Ballerinas
Santa Claus
Christmas Snowflake
Bear Cake
Ballerina Cake
Teddy Seesaw

This music box is a custom-made product, and it is hand-engraved and the production process is more complicated. But we still sell at the lowest price, at the same time, if you buy two or more,we offer you a free shipping service that without paying extra courier fees and also provide you with some 3% off discount for you to use(Please enter the discount code on the checkout page).

Now, you can give this rotating music box as a gift to your children at the lowest price, with custom engrave message and  your unique love.

We promise to you that your children will love it very much.

When your children get this music box from you, he will be very happy, maybe he will say "thank you". You just spend a small amount of money to bring great joy to your children. The little train that the follower rotates, accompanied by wonderful music, your children maybe start dancing and was very excited. And besides the music box supports free engraving, you can carve any sentence you want to express. Let your child feel your deepest love.

When a train is moving, it is held firmly by an internal magnet and does not fall
Make an ideal gift for some special occasions such as Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas, etc.
Surprise him and let him/her know how much he/she is loved with this beautiful gift.
Exclusive lettering, personalized customization
This music box supports  free engraving text, carving special words and giving them to special people.You can carving any words or sentence you want, such as: "Our Grandson Jacob, with all our Love Nan & Grandad Dennis xx"  or someone's name "ELODIE xx"  etc.
Why do you buy this?
  • Free engraving text --  make a unique and meaningful special gift for you.
  • Thanksgiving gift--give it to your family, teachers, and friends. Carve your grateful words and thank them.
  • Christmas present--Engraving special words for children, giving children a surprise, but also a blessing.
  • Birthday gift--a beautiful birthday greeting, engraved on it, with the rotation of the music box and the beautiful music, send the best wishes
  • Exclusive playmate--engraving the child's name or whatever you want, give it to the child, let it be the child's exclusive playmate
  • It's for any other use you want.      

Make good memories with music

More styles of music boxes in our store

Where does music come from -- Inside music box, there is a movement, when the movement works, it will give out beautiful sound

Customers Display

 To  daughter Catherine

    Pops loves you



        Corresponding Size & Music & Moving Point

        Train -- Perfect special gift for you loved little ones who love music and trains.
        • Music: Spirited Away
        • Moving Point: train rotation
        • Size: about height 13cm * width 11cm / 5.12 * 4.33 * 4.33in 

        Dance Angel -- A daughter is our angel. A dancing angel is the best gift for our daughter

        • Music: Castle In The Sky
        • Moving Point: upper rotation
        • Size: about height 17.7 * diameter 11cm / 6.97 * 4.33in 

        Paris Tower -- The is the symbol of Paris, the capital of romance. It is  also a symbol of "Wherever you are, whenever you look back, I will always be waiting for you".

        • Music: Encounter
        • Moving Point: car rotation
        • Size: about height 16 * length 11 * width 11cm / 6.30 * 4.33 * 4.33in 

        Carousel -- I am a merry-go-round, born in this heaven, only to meet the children's dreams, climb on my back to take you to fly

        • Music: Castle In The Sky
        • Moving Point: upper rotation
        • Size: about height 17.9 * diameter 11cm / 7.05 * 4.33in

        Round Ferris Wheel -- Ferris wheel every grid is full of happiness.There must be a grid in it that belongs to you

        • Music: Castle In The Sky
        • Moving Point: Ferris wheel rotation
        • Size: about height 17.3 * diameter 11cm / 6.81 * 4.33in

        Bear Cake -- The round cake, very beautiful, accompanied by the rotation of the bear, send full blessings

        • Music: Happy Birthday
        • Moving Point: upper rotation
        • Size: about height 14.2 * diameter 11cm / 5.59 * 4.33in 

        Bear & Seesaw -- As a gift to our children, wish they can grow up innocently and happily like these lovely bears

        • Music: Castle In The Sky
        • Moving Point: seesaw up and down
        • Size: about height 13.5 * diameter 11cm / 5.31 * 4.33in 

        Castle -- The castle at night, as if everything had risen from silence.Ornate candlestick, flickering candle fire, warm fireplace, silver glittering tableware.

        • Music: Castle In The Sky
        • Moving Point: car rotation
        • Size: about height 14.8 * length 11 * width 11cm / 5.83 * 4.33 * 4.33in

        How To Use

        • CONVENIENT ON/OFF SWITCH --Wiggle the clockwork under bottom with switch ON, music comes out. Then turn the switch to OFF, music stops. Turn switch ON again, music comes out again.

        • No batteries needed--this box uses mechanical movement, it can sing music without battery.

        Special Feature

        • High quality wood material is used to ensure a lightweight product which can be freely placed
        • Classic light music can be used as a lullaby to make your children have a sound sleep
        • Without burr, it is non-toxic and more durable due to its high quality material
        • No need for battery, it can be used all the time.
        • Uses handmade technics with high quality, has comfortable touch-feeling, good-looking appearance.
        • Our music boxes are suitable for every occasions, great for children’s graduation gifts, Christmas gift, Birthday gift, engagement and anniversary as well


        • This box uses mechanical movement, No batteries needed, it can sing music without battery.
        • Music box is lightweight, however, the detailed of each small cabins swinging while the Ferris Wheel moving shows the quality of this classic design yet contemporary with its movement.
        • Takefuns wooden music box design was coming from the base of physical dynamics and magnets,the wooden music box run in different fun movements including 360 degrees rotation along with small magnetic cars and trains.aeProduct.getSubject()

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