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Depilatory Vanishing Cream – Reduce Hair Growth on Your Body

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If you are tired of needing a shave every other day or find it tedious to go for a hair removal frequently and laser hair removal, not for your pockets, we have the perfect solution. The depilatory vanishing cream slows down hair re-growth each time you use our product so that you need only remove less hair, less often.The cream comes with intense nourishing, soothing, toning and softening effects.

Get smoother, silkier, sexier body and face unmarred by ugly, unseemly hair using our depilatory vanishing cream!


  • Use the cream to reduce hair re-growth all over your body
  • Significantly reduces hair re-growth if used regularly
  • The product is unisex; both men and women can use it
  • The cream is excellent for all skin types and is a fast-absorbing lotion


  • Color: White