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Detox Body Wraps – Detoxification Made Easier!

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This revolutionary body wrap is all set to provide multiple health benefits to you and you’re your body. The procedure to apply the same is really simple. Anyone without any technical expertise can make use of it. 

After boiling water, the sachet containing the clay mix has to be well mixed to form thick clay. Alongside one has to soak the wraps in boiling water itself in another bowl. Once the clay is formed, it can be applied to the desired affected area and then the body wraps can be wrapped around.  

The soaked wraps have to be wrung out to ensure zero dripping. Then it can be applied to the affected area to get relief from any kind of pain or so. Apart from healing, it also detoxifies your body, limits the cholesterol levels, promotes fat metabolism, rebuilds the cellular ion balance, and makes your skin soft and supple. One can make great use of it even while travel.   


  • A combination of two things intended to provide relief and rejuvenate the body part
  • Consists of two towels and multiple detox clays
  • The procedure involves boiling water and mixing a sachet into the boiling water
  • This forms clay which has to be applied on the wet towel and then on the body
  • Has multiple health benefits like moistening the skin, detoxifying the body, etc.
  • Its usage is simple and improves with time
  • Compact size and shape allows it to be stored anywhere with ease