Fire Starter Flint for Camping Emergencies – Camp with Ease!
Fire Starter Flint for Camping Emergencies – Camp with Ease!

Fire Starter Flint for Camping Emergencies – Camp with Ease!

Color: Sliver

No need to keep buying matches/striker. This handy pocket fire striker is very durable and long lasting. Before use, place paraffin into the chamber of the striker, this will completely douse wick end and ensure a good strike and lingering flame. This permanent match consists of a rectangular shell, with a metal rod those screws into the tank. With the key ring attachment, you'll never be caught out again when you need a light alternatively. One end of the metal rod has a wick. When lighter is closed, it's waterproof.  

Rub it for at least ten times so the protective cover is ripped and then only it will start generating sparks. Place the flint on ground upwardly and put the scraper vertically to the flint, then scrape some magnesium powder on some hazardous materials, like paper or branch. Place the flint on the ground at about 45°, and 2.5 cm from the magnesium powder scraped, then scrape the stone fast to produce a spark to light up the inflammable material.


  • Sparks easily: ignite paper, dry grass or bark
  • Lightweight, safe and fireproof, applicable at anywhere, anytime and any condition, including moist weather or low temperature
  • Uses fluid for it to work
  • High quality can be used for thousands of times
  • Best used for camping and trekking sites
  • Reliable performance and lighter with a key ring
  • It is waterproof and with matchstick necessary for survival with outdoor emergency situations


  • Material: Metal
  • Color: Silver
  • Size: 40 x 30 x 10mm
  • Net Weight: 18g
  • 1 Match Lighter

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