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Fishtail Multipurpose Brush with Unique Design- Versatile and Handy Makeup Brush To Make You Look and Feel Great

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Fishtail multipurpose brush is made up of material which is known as a premium synthetic material handle. The hairs of this fishtail brush are made of premium synthetic fiber for a whole new makeup experience. This high quality and deep cleaning fiber used for lasting performance.  One can create your entire look by using this multipurpose fishtail brush. You can use this fishtail brush for applying foundation, contour, buffing, highlight, and any blending necessary. It makes you achieve the exact look you want. These fishtail brushes cover multiple needs of the application, such as foundations, contouring the forehead and cheekbones, concealer, eye shadow, sculpting eyebrows, blusher. 

The material used in these brushes is super densely packed ultrafine fiber. These ultra-fibers deliver streak-free, flawless coverage and a soft and pleasing feeling to your face. Hairs in these brushes are smooth and harmless and never lose their hair from the brushes. 


  • Can be used for various multi-purposes
  • Available in two different colors
  • Versatile and handy to use
  • Made up of premium synthetic material
  • High quality and deep cleaning fiber


  • Available Colors: Rose Gold / Silver