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Full Coverage Concealer Pen for Easy Application - Set of 6 Highlighters to Make You Fabulous in Every Way

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The full coverage concealer pen is the perfect addition that you can do to your makeup kit.  Our full coverage concealer pen is an ideal tool to add more dimension and brightness to your face. The concealer pen comes as a set of 6 colors such as beige, brown, dark brown, green, purple,all these six shades are entirely distinct and most vibrant.

The concealer pens provide flawless and full coverage over your skin complexion. These colors in the concealer pens are easy to apply and blend. The material used in the shades of these pens is a completely natural formula and doesn't cause any harm to your smooth skin.

These concealer pens are a perfect tool to add more dimension and brightness to your face, and these are suitable for all types of skins and tones. Achieve greater looks using our full coverage concealer pen!


  • Neutralizes the appearance of various skin concerns
  • Moisturizes the skin and makes your makeup look perfect
  • Easy application, swipe, and blend
  • Natural formula, smooth skin texture
  • Suitable for all types of skin complexions


  • Colors: 6 colors (Beige, Brown, Dark Brown, Green, Purple)