Glove Makeup Brushes Cleaner- Clean Your Makeup Brushes Conveniently


Clean and condition your makeup brushes with the glove makeup brushes cleaner.Wet the glove and put a tiny amount of soap on it. Rub the dirty makeup brushes in circular, vertical and horizontal motions to form lather and get rid of all impurities including oil, dirt and old makeup. Its textured surface removes residual makeup from every bristle of your brushes, leaving them looking brand new!This glove not only helps to clean the brushes of all shapes and sizes but also helps to keep your face free from any acne. Infections and acne can be caused by residual makeup that invites bacteria and fungi to grow. 

It is easy to use and extremely affordable. What makes this product so unique is its longevity- silicone has a long shelf-life. So, you would not need to purchase cleaners again and again. Make removal is straightforward and drama free with the glove cleaner!


  • Removes 100% of makeup including waterproof makeup using soap and water
  • Easy to use, slide it on your hand and clean those dirty brushes
  • Silicone material with multi-textured surface thoroughly cleanses makeup brushes
  • Ideal for makeup brushes of all shapes and sizes
  • Does not damage the bristles of the brushes and helps to increase their shelf-life


  • Material: Silicone
  • Color: Pink


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