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Gold Plated Magic Brush Set With 5 Gold Plated Eye Shadow Brushes - Works Magic On Your Eyes!

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Presenting you one of the most innovative makeup brush sets out in the market right now. Our brushesare gold plated in color andthe handles are designed like magic wands. It is perfect for makeup application and has every brush you need to achieve the desired look. Add a bit of magic to your face with this magic makeup brush set.

The set consists of five brushes, each having a distinct function. Eye makeup needs a bunch of different brushes having different shapes and structures and those altogether create the perfect look.

The bristles are soft and help you to achieve the perfect eye makeup. Not only is it a vast personal collection, but it also makes for a great gift. This fancy makeup brush set is sure to pull attraction. Show off your skills of makeup with these magic makeup wands!


  • Set of 5 gold plated wand-shaped eye shadow makeup brushes
  • Each brush is created to pull off any eye look
  • Made from soft bristles which do not harm your skin and allow easy application
  • The handle is designed like a magic want to add style in your collection
  • Does magic on your face and makes your makeup flawless


  • Number of Brushes: 5
  • Handle Color: Golden