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Handheld Mini Electric Vacuum Pump Compressor

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The all-metal electric air pump is compact and sturdy, with no excessive noise during operation. The inflation and extraction of air are very smooth and quiet. It can create a vacuum for packing away clothes / quilts easily. At the same time, it is also a great air pump that can inflate balls, beach toys, etc.


  • Automatic, easy to extract the air from the bag, ball, swim ring, etc., to save more space in the baggage
  • To automatically inflate a ball, swim ring, floating mat and so on
  • Great food preservation method, to perfectly extract the air from bowl, food package to keep the food fresh and extend the storage time
  • Ultra mini, a must-have compressor for the travel, vacation, or journey
  • Note: not contain the battery and requires a USB cable for power supply, plug and play
  • Tip: Only basketball, swim ring, air bed, etc. can be inflated, instead of car tires.


  • Air in pressure: 145Kpa = 21psi = 1.45bar(Press and hold the button to provide the max pressure)
  • Air out pressure: 65Kpa = 9.425psi = 0.65bar(Press and hold the button to provide the max pressure)
  • Material: aluminum
  • Power input: 5V / 2A ( Micro USB )