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Heart Shape Silicone Cosmetic Brush Cleaner Board Convenient and Easy To Use - Gently Cleans Your Brushes!

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Have you forgotten when you last cleaned your makeup brushes? Is washing your makeup brushes a tedious task for you? Don't worry! All you need is our heart-shaped silicone cosmetic brush cleaner. Just insert your fingers into this glove and clean your brushes easily. It is made of silicone and is extremely sturdy and long-lasting too. It has various types and shapes of ridges which would help you to get rid of all the dirt, makeup, and oils stuck in the bristles of your brushes. You need to add your desired cleaning product on the ridges and grooves and then gently move your brush on the peaks to agitate the dirt out. The top part has small seams which can be used for foaming and lathering.

This cleaner is available in pink, purple, orange and blue colors. It is adorable with its heart shape and very convenient to use. This is indeed a lifesaver for all of us who have trouble cleaning our makeup brushes.


  • Heart-shaped, cute makeup brush cleaner board, made of silicone
  • Fits snugly in your fingers and can be used easily
  • The smaller ridges are for foaming and lathering, and the grooves agitate the dirt out
  • Available in pink, orange, purple and blue colors
  • Gets rid of all the dirt, oil and makeup stuck in your brush


  • Material: Silicone
  • Shape: Heart shape
  • Available Colors: Pink / Purple / Blue / Orange