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It is illegal to drive a vehicle or ride a motorbike while using a hand-held mobile phone or a similar device

According to statistics, there are 53 million traffic accidents caused by the lack of concentration of driving in the world every year.

Keep your eyes on the road NOT on your smartphone

  • Projection comfortably visible day & night thanks to the ambient light sensor
  • Night vision thermal camera 
  • Rear view camera 
  • Stay informed with notifications View phone calls, messages and other notifications from your phone projected through your windshield — no extra action is needed. Keep your eyes on the road with your phone in your pocket.
  • Customize your driving experience with dashboard widgets. Select what you want to see on your head-up display and leave out all the rest.

  • HUD has a video input port (CVBS), so you can integrate any 3rd party video devices/sources. As video signal comes to the device, the video starts streaming automatically.

    • Quick setup As easy as connecting your earphones to your smartphone
      Install the app on your smartphone (iOS/Android)
      Pair the device with your smartphone once
      Every next time the two will connect automatically

    • Works with your favorite apps Google Maps, Waze, or any other app you want to use behind the wheel

      • Keeps you connected in a less-distracting way 


      Looks native on your dashboard, the slimmest portable HUD on the market.