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I Love You 100 Languages Projection Necklace - Intricate Engraving for the Perfect Way to Express Your Love to Someone

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Do you love your partner too much and just don’t know how to express it fully? Let your partner know that you love them in 100 different ways, literally! Here is a necklace with a pendant that projects love in 100 different languages. It has been trending on social media for quite some time now and is definitely in any girl’s wish list. It has an intricate engraving and lovely design which is sure to amaze and mesmerize your lover.

The pendant has an outer circle with a dial and small gemstones which further radiate its beauty and charm. This projection necklace is sure to make a great gift.It is available in two variants and two different colors. Pick the one your partner would prefer and make them love and adore you even more after receiving this gift.

Your partner will be awestruck once you gift them this and is sure to realize the depth of your love as this pendant projects it in 100 languages.


  • Necklace with a pendant projecting ‘I Love You’ in 100 different languages
  • Trending on social media worldwide
  • Features an intricate engraving and a lovely design
  • A perfect gift to tell someone how much you love them
  • Available in two shapes,circle and heart and two colors, which are rose gold and silver


  • Material: Copper
  • Pendant size: 18mm*13mm
  • Stone: Cubic Zirconia
  • Available Colors: Rose Gold / Silver
  • Available Shapes: Circle / Heart