Lip Gloss - Dress Your Lips with a Light Pink Shade

Color: lightpink.03

The light pink lip gloss will create high gloss finish to your lips. It can be worn over lip pencil or lipstick. The lip gloss will create a long seamless matted look to your lips. This light pink lip gloss will never form a sticky residue on your lips. This lip gloss will surely last for 8 hours without any smudge.The light pink lip gloss is a unique lip gloss available in a light pink color.

 The light pink lip gloss contains revolutionary 3d gloss, which is entirely water-resistant. This lip gloss smoothes and conditions your lips after being used daily. This lip gloss which contains luscious shine has been dermatologically tested to give the best experience in glossing your lips. The lip gloss is designed to match every skin tone. This light pink lip gloss is highly pigmented to give your lips a saturated and vivid color. 


  • The glossy shine lasts up to eight hours
  • Smooth gliding consistency moisturizes and conditions lips
  • High shine pigments which make you look ravishing
  • One hundred percent waterproof


  • Color: Light Pink


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