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Makeup Brush Cleaner Mat- Keep Your Makeup Brushes Clean, Healthy and Fresh Looking

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Bring your brushes back to life! The makeup brush cleaner mat is here to give your brushes the ultimate cleaning treatment. It is ergonomically shaped and allows you to grip it tightly and offers optimal control and precision while cleaning your brushes. It is engineered to wash makeup brushes of all shapes and sizes rigorously without worry. Its multi-textured surface helps to extract stubborn dirt and makeup and get rid of all impurities from your brushes. 

It has been designed in such a way that it creates maximum foam and lather with a small amount of product, and cleans brushes thoroughly without damaging them. What’s unique about this mat is that it reduces the risk of skin infections. It ensures that your brushes are free from all impurities that may help to foster bacteria and fungi.Flexible silicone body required minimal maintenance, and its compact size makes it travel-friendly.


  • Removes all the impurities, including dirt, makeup, and oil from your brushes
  • Cleans brushes thoroughly to increase their performance and longevity
  • Conveniently sized and shaped cleansing pad for all shapes and sizes of makeup brushes
  • Grooves and texture ensure that no product is left in the brushes
  • Reduces the risk of infections by providing your brushes with an ultimate cleansing experience


  • Material: Silicone
  • Available Colors: White / Light Pink / Hot Pink / Red-Violet / Purple / Black