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Medium Eyeshadow Brushes - Matches Your Personality and Style

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This professionally made eyeshadow brush is just perfect for your eyes and your eye makeup and since it is medium-sized, it is neither too large to not provide you perfect finish, nor it is too small to not be able to blend the eyeshadow evenly. The soft synthetic material bristles, with rounded edge, make it make your eye makeup look smooth and patch-less. The best part about this brush is that it works on both, the creamy and power-based eyeshadows, without compromising the precision. 

It is made of synthetic material bristles and thus it is easily washable and hence it keeps the hygiene of your makeup products balanced and helps you avoid any skin problems. This beautiful eyeshadow brush is available in three colors to match your personality and your makeup kit with pink for the princesses, brown for the classics and bronze for the royals. 


  • Match your makeup kit with three available colors such as pink, brown and bronze
  • This is a medium-sized synthetic eyeshadow brush
  • Professionally made a brush to provide you a professional touch
  • Soft rounded synthetic bristles ensure no patchy makeup
  • Effective in adding details to your eye shadows with precision
  • Works in both creamy and powder type of a shadows
  • Easily washable so to avoid infections on your skin


  • Material: Synthetic 
  • No of brushes: 1
  • Size: Medium
  • Available colors: Pink / Brown / Bronze