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Midnight Rainbow Makeup Brush Set of 22 - Add a Pop of Color to Your Vanity

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Want to add a pop of color to your vanity? Then these midnight rainbow brushes are just for you.This set of 22 fluffy and round brushes is here to take care of all your makeup application requirements. Each brush has its unique purpose and does its job with utmost perfection. These brushes are incredibly versatile and hold on to makeup of all formulations cream, liquid as well as powder. 

The soft and gentle bristles don’t tug on your skin, provide a micro-fiber feel and help to blend makeup effectively and uniformly. These brushes hold on to the maximum product and provide intense color payoff, giving you maximum coverage. The handles are substantive and easy to grip, helping you to control the entire process of makeup application.This set provides a professional look to your vanity and is perfect for makeup enthusiasts and professionals working in the beauty industry. 


  • Set of 22 brushes that provide a seamless finish
  • Lightweight design and midnight rainbow-colored handles that are visually appealing to the eye
  • Different shapes and sizes that have been designed to fulfill all requirements 
  • Load and distribute the product of all formulations evenly, including liquid, cream, powder
  • Intense color payoff as brushes hold on to the maximum amount of product 


  • Color: Midnight Rainbow

Package Includes:

  • 2 Fan Brushes
  • 8 Face Brushes
  • 12 Detailing Brushes