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Smart Air Cooler – Cool Your Home and Office!

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Air cooling is the need of the hour due to rising temperatures. It is a must at the tropical places. And not everywhere, air conditioners or air coolers can be taken along unless you own this novel air cooler. This smart air cooler is the one which can be carried along in case there is an absence of cool and moist air. The most amazing quality is that it is eco-friendly. So, you don’t have the burden of contributing to global warming or ill-health of our mother earth. 

This is like the cherry on the cake. An air cooler with benefits and no disadvantages! One can carry it along for any kind of outdoor work. Another best thing is its quiet levels. This amazing cooler makes no noise and is committed to bringing the cool and moist air to you without any hassle. So, summers won’t be challenging this time, as you are sure to own this product by your side.


  • A great eco-friendly air cooler
  • Portable due to its comparatively compact size
  • Medium weight, sturdy and robust
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • It is quite unlike other coolers
  • Comes without any toxic products or coolants
  • Can effortlessly convert hot and dry air into cold and moist air


  • Capacity: 1000ml
  • Operating voltage: 100-250v
  • Rated power: 25w
  • Operating Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Packing size: 220 X 195 X 180mm