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Baby Walker - Adjustable Safety Harness for Baby Walking

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When your baby is first learning to walk, there are can be tumbles, tears, and even boo-boos. Boost your little one’s sense of independence and offer them security when teaching them to walk with this cute Baby Walker - Walking Safety Harness, which supports your child while keeping their arms and hands-free. This means they can use them naturally for balance while learning to walk.

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  • No tugging and twisting on little arms and fewer falls. We recommend using a onesie or shirt to avoid any rubbing on skin. 

  • Baby balances more naturally with a hands-free walking assistant. Learning to walk is now more convenient with this lightweight walker.

  • Pediatrician Recommended for babies learning to walk (6+ months).

  • Reduces back pain from bending over for parents and grandparents.

  • Builds confidence and stability for baby and gives baby a sense of walking while preserving baby's safety.

  • The handheld baby walker harness made of polyester, built-in soft breathable sponge, soft hand feeling, strong air permeability and super durable.


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Product description:

Material: Polyester, thin sponges.

Dimensions: 18.1-25.9 inches/46-66cm

Suitable for Baby with Weight: 11-44 pounds