ProSupport™ Knee Compression Sleeve
ProSupport™ Knee Compression Sleeve
ProSupport™ Knee Compression Sleeve
ProSupport™ Knee Compression Sleeve
ProSupport™ Knee Compression Sleeve
ProSupport™ Knee Compression Sleeve
ProSupport™ Knee Compression Sleeve

ProSupport™ Knee Compression Sleeve

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Combat Dreadful Knee Pain and Get Back to Living an Active Lifestyle with one Simple Product!

Live your life pain-free wearing our ProSupport Knee Sleeve. This groundbreaking design features the unique ProSupport™ lateral stabilizers and silicon pad, which will ease pain from the patella, soft tissue, and surrounding ligaments. Say goodbye to knee pain today, with the ProSupport™ Knee Sleeve.

How Does it Work? 

Unlike many basic knee braces, which offer minimal pain relief, the ProSupport Knee Sleeve is medically tested and has a variety of features to provide optimal pain relief. The silicon gel pad surrounds the kneecap to reduce pressure on the patella, easing pain and providing extra support. The support springs on both sides of the sleeve relieve strain on the joints by absorbing the weight placed on the knee, reducing strain, and easing pain. You'll be amazed at how good you feel as soon as you put it on!

TRY IT RISK-FREE for 30 DAYS! (no questions asked)

"This has to be one of the best products I've ever purchased online! It has completely relieved my knee pain and given me the confidence to start running again which I hadn't been able to do for years. Truly a life-changing product for me!"
- Lauren (UK)

Kneecap Support ✔️The silicon gel pad surrounds the kneecap to reduce pressure on the patella and provide extra support, as well as offering indirect friction for the surrounding soft tissue.

Pain Relief ✔️ The support springs on both sides of the sleeve relieve strain on the joints by helping to absorb the weight placed on the knee. This is vital as when running/jumping, the weight through your knee can be up to 4x your body weight!

Breathable and Washable ✔️ The highly-elastic breathable fabric is soft and absorbent, keeping the knee cool and dry; perfect during sporting activities. The materials are quick-drying, making the whole item easily washable.

All Genders & Ages ✔️ The range of sizes we offer cater to all sizes, and the two non-slip silicone strips on the inside of the sleeve ensure that it remains in the correct position throughout the action. Please refer to our handy size guide below to select the best size.


Measure the circumference of your thigh at the point 10cm above the middle of your kneecap.


<11 <28


11.1-13.5 29-35


XL 16.5+ 42+


How Does the ProSupport Knee Sleeve Work?

Unlike many basic knee braces, which offer minimal pain relief, the ProSupport Knee Sleeve incorporates a variety of features to provide optimal pain relief. The viscoelastic silicon pad is flat and anatomically designed to improve comfort by centering the kneecap and securely protecting the patella (generally known as the kneecap) securely as you move. This pad includes 'wings' on each side to ensure proximal extension as far as the vast-medialis muscle, which has proven to improve proprioception.

Who Can Benefit from the ProSupport Knee Sleeve?

Whether you only suffer from occasional knee pain, or you have more serious pain or a specific condition, the ProSupport Knee Sleeve may help to reduce your pain and discomfort. Suitable conditions for alleviating include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Sports-based pain
  • Anterior knee pain
  • Chondromalacia
  • Chondropathy
  • Dislocation tendency
  • High-riding patella (Patella Alta)
  • Instability
  • Lateralisation of the patella
  • Lateral release surgery aftercare
  • Patellar tip syndrome 
  • Patellofemoral pain syndrome 

If you are unsure about whether or not the sleeve is right for you, we recommend you consult your doctor or another medical professional. They will be able to advise whether or not this is the right support for your specific needs.

Can I Use the ProSupport Knee Sleeve During Sports?

The sleeve is perfect for wearing while playing sports, especially if you've suffered an injury from a twist or direct impact. We have designed the knee brace to improve healing time while also protecting against the risk of overloading or developing a second injury. The elasticity and contour of the knit ensure that your mobility is not restricted, whilst its light and comfortable design means that you will hardly notice you're wearing it!

Can I wear the ProSupport Knee Sleeve Underneath Clothing?

Yes! With its light and slim design, and an anatomically contoured shape, the Knee Sleeve can comfortably be worn under clothing. This means you can continue to enjoy the pain-relieving support of the Sleeve as you go about your day or play your favorite sport.

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