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Quick Eyelash Drying Fan – Make Your Mascara and Eyelash Extensions Dry Faster

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If your best friend is tired of blowing air onto your eyelashes after you are done applying eyeliner or mascara, then this is the product you should get for yourself (and even for your best friend). The quick eyelash drying fan runs on batteries and dries your lashes with minimum hassle and effort. It has a compact design and is light-weight so could be easily carried around in a handbag for an important date night or a pub night.

It can be used for both personal and professional purposes and also makes for an amazing gift for the friend who is a make-up enthusiast.


  • Small in size and extremely portable due to its compact design
  • Recommended for both personal and professional use
  • Easy to use and makes for a great gift
  • Available in different colors
  • Runs on batteries and can be used anywhere anytime


  • Available Colors: Pink / Blue / Black