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Rotating Time Turner Necklace- Escape Into The Magical World Of Harry Potter!

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Do you too want to own a time-turner necklace just like Hermione did? Here's good news for all the Harry Potter fans out there. Now, you also can gallop through time with a time turner necklace. Not literally, but at least you can wear it. This charming pendant is unique and sought after piece, inspired by the magical world of the Harry Potter series. It has intricate details and designs to match the original one owned by Hermione. There is even the inscription which says, "I mark the hours every one, nor have I yet outrun the sun. My use and value up to you are gauged by what you have to do." It has a polished gold finish, designed with careful engraving and even features a tiny hourglass. The sand in the hourglass is available in different colors- golden, pink, purple, blue and white.

It will be a very thoughtful gift, especially for a Harry Potter fan. Put it on and act like you can go back in time and mend the things you did wrong. The white sand pendant is available in a silver finish, but all others are in gold finish.


  • Time turner necklace inspired by the Harry Potter series
  • Has gold finish and also features a tiny sand hourglass
  • Also features detailed engravings
  • Perfect gift for any Harry Potter fan
  • Pendants available with different sand colors: golden, pink, purple, blue, blue and white


  • Chain length: 60 cm
  • Pendant: 5cm by 4cm
  • Available Colors: Gold/ Pink / Purple / Blue / White