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Sit-Ups Assistant At Home Working Out

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Work out from home with the Sit-Up Assistant! This is the perfect tool to use when are home doing all your favorite workouts. This easily locks into place and you can use it do sit-ups, leg lifts, or any other abdomen workouts!

Since the suction cup is based on the principle of squeezing the air inside to achieve adsorption, it is necessary to ensure that there is no air inside when it is adsorbed. 


  • How to Use: Find a clean, smooth and dry surface without a gap, then press down on the handle and press down the switch 
  • Material: Thick foam is used for ultimate comfort
  • Quick Installation: Easily set up your bar on a smooth floor surface, adjust to your size, lock it in, and start your workout!
  • Multiple Uses: Use it for sit-ups, leg lifts, or attach other equipment to exercise your arms!


Image result for Sit-ups Assistant Device

Image result for Sit-ups Assistant Device