Your Drinking Companion – Soda Fizz Saver Dispenser
Your Drinking Companion – Soda Fizz Saver Dispenser

Your Drinking Companion – Soda Fizz Saver Dispenser

Color: Red

When partying, probably coke or soft drinks are the most served item. Also it is difficult to serve the same to a large crowd repeatedly. Here is when this novel, hassle-free and easy to operate dispenser can be put to work. 

This dispenser has a leak-proof, spill proof tap used to dispense out the drink. It has a long neck through which the intended drink reaches the tap. Now the drink moves through the neck as the bottle is been inverted at the lowest point of this dispenser! For this, the drinks' bottle has to be inverted and screwed in the place. So this amazing and easy technique can let everybody have their share of water and drinks or the right mix.  

The best part is the number of small pads attached for effective grip over any surface. This allows the dispenser to stand steadily on any kind of surface holding the bottle in a smooth non-tumbling kind of position for long. 


  • A convenient and multipurpose tool
  • Used to dispense drinks when flipped upside down
  • Acts as a water dispenser as well
  • Can be used easily by anybody
  • Apart from soda or coke any other kinds of drinks can be used to dispense


  • Available Colors: Red / Black
  • Dimensions: 15x10 cm 5.9x3.9 inches

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