Solar Powered Pest Repeller – Make All Pests Go Away!
Solar Powered Pest Repeller – Make All Pests Go Away!
Solar Powered Pest Repeller – Make All Pests Go Away!
Solar Powered Pest Repeller – Make All Pests Go Away!

Solar Powered Pest Repeller – Make All Pests Go Away!

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Use this solar-powered pest repeller to keep moles, gophers, voles, badgers, mice and snakes away from your lawn, gardens, and yards forever!

It repels moles, skunks, ground hogs, rabbits and more. Prevent pests from burrowing in your yard using this toxin-free, humane Repeller. How does it work? It creates an inhospitable environment for burrowing rodents by emitting underground vibrations every 30 seconds with a good frequency. One repeller covers a 6,000 sq. ft. area without using harsh chemicals or sprays. And it's completely safe for you, your kids and your pets. It's also easy to install and maintenance free. The solar panel recharges the batteries during the day, even in cloudy conditions. It is made of durable plastic. Optimal performance to achieve the best performance, it is strongly recommended that 1 solar pest repeller be installed every 100' from areas frequented by rodents.

It is powered by a battery that is recharged by the solar panel on top of the pest repeller and can cover an area of up 6000 square feet. The solar pest repeller installs in just minutes with the included ground stake. This item is constructed from heavy duty plastic and is weatherproof. Stop your lawn from being churned up by burrowing animals with this solar pest repeller. It features an amorphous solar cell that will work on sunny and overcast days and one rechargeable battery included.


  • Easy installation, safe and clean
  • Ultrasonic and solar technology, without using dangerous toxins or traps
  • Plug in the garden and turn on the switch. No additional battery or cable needed
  • The solar powered repeller is easy and safe to use
  • The repeller produces a sonic tone underground at 30-sec intervals, over an area of about 6000 sq feet to drive them out
  • If you had a big yard, it will be more effective to put several units

Installation Tips:

  • The unit is designed to be used outdoor for it to receive enough sunlight
  • The spike should be firmly planted while leaving the base of the head 3" to 4" above the ground.


  • Size: 3.54 x 3.15 x 15.16 inches
  • Weight: 6.98 oz / 198g

Package Component:

  • 1 x Solar powered pest repeller

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