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Starry Sky Night Light Projector

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"Turn Dull Nights Into Magical Experiences" - Claire N.

Version 2.0 Comes with a night light lamp, multiple colors, and actually lights up the room!

Project a map of the sky onto your ceiling and walls with this sick Fantasy Star Projector! Perfect for nurseries, bedrooms and living rooms, it's going to bring a magical and romantic atmosphere to your space.

Instantly make your room, unique and stand out! For all lovers of the galaxy, space, and just stars in general, this lamp creates a realistic description of the night sky while including some of your favorite constellations up high. Perfect for romantic evenings and gazing with someone special.

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Comes as a simple DIY toolset, it is a wonderful opportunity for you to work with your kids together to assemble this magical projector lamp. With the month and date scale stickers, you can change the date settings to show different constellation patterns as you like. Available in three light colors, blue, yellow, and purple. You can choose one that fits your room, or simply get both to see which one you like more!

 Star Night Light Projector 2.0

Why is this awesome?

  • Auto Rotating: The internal motor is able to rotate while showing the beautiful stars silently.
  • Coverage: Covers most mid sized bedrooms when dark
  • Power: Power cable or standard AA batteries
  • Color: Changeable Color Modes, up to 7
  • Lighting Modes: 4 of them