Straighten Pro
Straighten Pro
Straighten Pro
Straighten Pro
Straighten Pro

Straighten Pro

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Straighten Pro

Straighten Pro

$47.97 $24.99

Try this World's First Straightener Brush with a free hair curler. 

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Start Afresh!

First things first, if you are going to wash your hair then before you straighten it is the time to do it. Exposing your newly straightened hair to water ill allow your natural curls and waves to release and reform.

Protect Your Locks

Once you have shampooed and conditioned your hair, apply some heat protectant to it. You can get it in the form of a serum, oil, or spray so choose a type that is best for your hair type.

Dry Your Hair Thoroughly

It doesn’t matter if you prefer to air dry or blow-dry your hair, but before you go anywhere near it with a hair straightening brush, you need to ensure it is dry.

Divide You Hair Up

The thicker your hair is, the more you will need to divide it, to make your job easier. But no matter how thick it is, you will still need you roughly divide it into left, right and back, or alternatively, you can scoop it all into the top of your head and gradually let small sections down as you work around them. It is easiest if you have some hair clips that you can pin it up with.

Switch on your hairbrush straightener and set the right temperature for your hair type. Dyed hair will need a lower temperature than your normal hair type would, but we would always recommend starting from the lowest temperature and then increasing it if you need to.

Start Brushing

Take the first section of hair in one hand, then hold the hairbrush straightener up by the roots, but underneath your hair, so that the bristles are poking outwards. This gives your hair some lift and volume at the roots, while still straightening it efficiently.

Lay the bunch of hair through the bristles and brush firmly but gently down the strands of hair. You want to use small bunches of hair for this. If you cannot see the tips of the bristles through the bunch of hair, then this means that you are using too big of a bunch of hair at once. This will mean that the heat is not going to reach the strands evenly and therefore you won’t get optimal results and it will take longer.

Don’t brush through too quickly, otherwise, the heat won’t have a chance to act on the hairs. Instead, brush through slowly, but don’t stop and hold it still at any stage, otherwise, you may overheat your hair.

Finishing Touches

Once you have worked through all of your hair and are happy with your new style, switch off the hairbrush straightener and leave it too cool. You can apply some hairspray to your hair to keep it in place.


    •  PRODUCT FEATURES: Digital hair straightener is an adventurous combination for hair straightener and combs.
    • You can get your hair in style while combing your hair.
    • Hair straightener reaches the ideal temperature in seconds.
    • Just few seconds, it’ll make your hair straighten fast.
    • Works in a low temperature which won't damage our hair and ladies can save much money getting your hair straightened in salon.
    • Salon High Heat: Use your desire degree heat with digital controls to get professional results quickly.
    • Anti-static technology reduces the amount of negatively charged particles during styling.
    • Diminish frizz and flyaway while boosting style control.
    • Ultra smooth ceramic plates for effortless glide
    • Pro variable temperature control for all hair types
    • Exclusive heat expansion plate technology
    • Far infrared heat technology
    • Light and ergonomic design
    • Rated Voltage: 100-230V 50/60Hz; Rated Power: 29W
    • Product Frequency: 100-230V 50/60Hz
    • Max temperature: 230 degree Celsius

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