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Winter Sports Ski Mask - Double-Layer Lens & Breathable

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Our anti-skid belt is 100% polyamide elastic so that you can able to expand and adjust the belt anywhere. Our snow goggles help you to keep your eyes away from the wind, snow, and cold. Our ski mask having the double layer coated lens that helps you to seal the air between the lenses and ensure the lens is warm and dry. Our ski mask has the facility to absorb the water permanently on the surface of the lens before the fog is generated. It is compact, breathable and convenient to use, so you can wear our sports ski mask while traveling or anywhere else,

It makes a great gift for your friend, lover, family, and colleagues on Birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving or any other special occasion. Available in different colors such as carbon, came, white, multicolor, black and gold, choose your favorite color!


  • Our winter sports ski mask is made with elastic polyamide which gives longer life
  • Our ski mask is having multiple facilities like protection for your skin from the wind, snow and its double-layer coated lens will help you to keep your leans warm and dry and also breathable
  • It has the feature of absorbing the water permanently before the fog is generated so this is convenient to use
  • Perfect for a variety of outdoor activities such as traveling or daily use in snow time
  • You can also gift this to your friends and family on birthday, Christmas or any special occasions
  • Available in different colors such as carbon, came, white, multicolor, black and gold


  • Material: Elastic
  • Available Colors: Carbon / Came / White / Multicolor / Gold / Black